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Apple changes face ID feature during Corona, Pin code entry will open when the face mask is worn

New York. Apple is working on a new feature, in which the iPhone that supports Face ID can be unlocked even while wearing a mask.

This new feature will be available in iOS 13.5 beta version, in which the face ID functionality will be automatically converted to Pincode after the user is masked on the face, after which the phone can be unlocked by entering the password.

This feature will prove to be quite important during the corona epidemic, as the wearing of masks has been made compulsory in many places, so there will be no need to remove masks to unlock the phone.

Face ID feature will be skipped by seeing mask itself

  • However, models with iPhone X or above get by default Face ID authentication, which collects the user’s facial data through a True Depth camera. However, the user also has the facility to enter the password by swiping the screen.
  • But in the latest iOS 13.5 beta version, the company has designed the system in such a way that if FaceID sees a mask or an object similar to the user’s face, then the password entry screen will open directly. No need to swipe the user screen.

Initially, only a few users will get the feature

Initially, only the developers of the latest iOS 13.5 beta version will get the feature in terms of testing. Soon the company will also release it for stable version users.

A user named Robert Peterson has shared a screenshot of this feature on Twitter, in which a glimpse of this feature is being seen.

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