Apple begins to reject apps that violate its new rules that protect our privacy

Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) is on the way. While version 14.5 of iOS, iPadOS and tvOS should be officially launched soon (a sixth version of its beta for developers was released a few days ago), it seems that Apple is already starting to apply the rules that will accompany the launch of its App Tracking Transparency program.

Rejected applications

As a consequence of what, according to Forbes, the teams that manage its App Store have started refusing to validate applications that use third-party SDKs that can lead to user identification. The ATT implies in particular that the developer requests authorization to access the IDFA, which is a device identification number for advertising purposes. This new framework also prohibits applications from using other means of tracking users.

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It is for this second reason that some applications would be rejected by Apple. In any case, this is what the messages received by their developers seem to indicate: “your application uses usage data specific to the device, converted by an algorithm, in order to create a unique identifier to track the user. “The message from Apple also details the data collected, so that it is easier to correct the situation for developers.

A third party SDK in question

Apps like Heetch, Radish Fiction and others would have been rebutted. According to Eric Seufert, mobile marketing analyst, whose tweet is quoted by Forbes, it is the SDK of Adjust, designed to establish a footprint of the device, which would be in question. These kinds of tools often use different information to identify a device, such as the type of processor, the amount of built-in memory, the version number of an application, the time elapsed since the last update, the time elapsed since the last update. last restart, the battery charge level, and its condition, etc. A multitude of details that ultimately establish a reliable profile of a device and its user.

Good or bad news, it would be used by more than 50,000 applications, which could therefore be rejected by Apple in the coming days. However, Adjust reportedly changed its SDK to no longer collect all the data it aspired to until recently. This could therefore say that once the new version is integrated into the applications concerned, their developers could see them accepted again by Apple. Obviously, this third-party SDK should not be the only one used …

iOS 14.5 should be made available soon, although for the moment the Cupertino giant has not given any specific date.

Source: Forbes


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