Apple and Samsung conferences, Microsoft takeover of Nuance… the summary of the tech news of the week

This week, Apple and Samsung have unveiled the dates of their next conferences. At the same time, Microsoft completed the acquisition of Nuance, the specialist in voice recognition and, for the general public, presented a lot of new IT. For our part, we tested the OnePlus Watch, the first watch from the eponymous Chinese manufacturer.

Here is a summary of the news of the week in addition to our weekly show De Quelle J’Me Mail.

Apple chooses April 20, Samsung chooses April 28

Next Tuesday at 7 p.m., Apple should present its new iPad Pro. Other novelties could also be on the program, but the rumors are all contradictory. We are talking about AirTags trackers, new AirPods or new iMacs. Samsung, for its part, will speak the following week. On April 28, the Korean brand should unveil new PCs with an OLED touch screen, the Galaxy Book Pro.

It’s official: Apple will announce new products on Tuesday, April 20

Samsung to present its ‘Most Powerful Galaxy’ on April 28 at Unpacked Event

Microsoft unveils new products

In addition to a new, more powerful Surface Laptop 4 (Intel or AMD), Microsoft presented plenty of accessories dedicated to teleworking this week. On the program, there are headsets, a webcam and a special Microsoft Teams speaker. The software giant is gradually expanding its hardware offer.

Microsoft launches Surface Laptop 4 and a host of telecommuting accessories

Microsoft acquires Nuance

Before announcing the Surface Laptop 4, Microsoft made a lot of headlines with the acquisition of Nuance. For $ 19.7 billion, the company seized the specialist in voice recognition, in order to become even more solid in terms of artificial intelligence. As well as being the driving force behind many voice assistants like Siri (at least initially), Nuance is best known for its presence in hospitals or courts. There, he digitally transcribes reports dictated by professionals, thanks to a perfect mastery of their vocabularies.

Why Microsoft bought Nuance for $ 20 billion

The first OnePlus watch disappoints

After years of promises, OnePlus is finally launching a connected watch, the OnePlus Watch. Unfortunately for him, this first attempt is very messy. We started testing the product and, to our surprise, discovered dozens and dozens of misspellings within its software. It is not very serious. All of this is all the more unfortunate as the OnePlus Watch is very limited.

OnePlus Watch: why it is impossible for us to test this watch for the moment (there are too many bugs)

Spotify launches something for the car

Spotify is getting into hardware with the Car Thing, a product that can literally be translated “car stuff”. First available free of charge in the United States, it adds a screen to your vehicle to… control the Spotify application on your smartphone. Real or fake good idea?

Spotify presents the “thing for the car”, an intriguing object … free at the beginning

Amazon Prime exceeds 200 million subscribers

In his last letter to shareholders (Andy Jassy, ​​his loyal right-hand man, will replace him), Jeff Bezos reveals some figures on Amazon. He reveals that his company now has 200 million Prime subscribers, against 150 million at the start of 2020. The pandemic has indeed benefited the e-commerce giant.

Amazon Prime has won over 50 million new subscribers since the start of the pandemic

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