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Anu-Surya Prakash London trip: Will Meera escape the conspiracy?

Tamil Serial News: Zee Tamil TV series ‘Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham‘. Actor Akash plays the hero in this serial which focuses on the love between a 40-year-old man and a 20-year-old woman.

With this, Darshana has made her debut on the iconic screen. She is playing the role of Anu.

Anu meets Surya Prakash at the college show and then gives her a job in his office. Meera, who is already working as Surya’s assistant there, did not like the addition of Anu to the job. The reason is that Meera has a crush on Suryaprakash.

Pankaj, Suryaprakash’s manager, and a friend are doing several conspiracy jobs to send Anu away from work. He is also complicit in Meera’s villainy. 

Suryaprakash, unaware of their plot, is angry with Anu but understands her over the course of the day. The two begin to fall in love with each other. Anu refuses to tell Surya his love for it. 

Anu is also relocating to Bangalore. But Anu says she agrees to this if she doesn’t watch it all day. Surya Prakash loses the challenge and then gives his consent to Anu.

Seeing them getting closer, Pankaj and Meera get angry and plan to separate them. Mira was going to a meeting in London and they plan to send Surya away when it is not possible. But Surya asks him and Anu to book two tickets together. 

Pankaj and Meera are shocked to hear that. Will they be barred from going to London or will they go on a jolly trip? Let’s wait and see.

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