Home Tech News Antivirus, VPN and PC cleaner: take advantage of the complete and free solution from Avira

Antivirus, VPN and PC cleaner: take advantage of the complete and free solution from Avira

Antivirus, VPN and PC cleaner: take advantage of the complete and free solution from Avira

Malware, cyber attacks and phishing attempts are rife when you surf the Internet and check your emails. Social networks are also not immune to these online threats, which constantly seek to rob your computer, steal your identity, or even steal your money. But if these are the risks that we think of first when discussing the dangers and constraints of the Internet, they are not the only ones. Today, it is important to protect not only access to their files and various online accounts, but also to their personal data.

Indeed, being traced on the Internet also proves to be the source of potential trouble. Targeted advertising and spam are sources of discomfort that give the impression of being constantly watched during our navigation. If this is not a question of hacking or the theft of data, the fact remains that the intrusive nature of the process makes you want to make your connection even more secure. The security publisher Avira is perfectly aware of these various issues: its software suite, available in two variants, allows you to protect yourself online in many ways.


Try Avira Prime for free

Avira Prime, the ultimate solution to web risks

The field of cyberthreats continues to expand and become more complex. Yet it has never been easier to protect yourself from it. With Avira Prime, the security editor offers a very complete and particularly affordable solution, since it costs 99.95 euros per year, and can be used on five devices. Available on Windows computers, but also on Macs, Android and iOS, Avira Prime displays a proposal based on the three layers of security, namely the security aspect, the confidentiality and the optimization of your machine.


Windows version of Avira Prime includes Avira Browser Safety, Avira SafeSearch Plus and Avira Home Guard, but also :

  • Antivirus Pro, which protects you against malware, secures your online purchases and banking transactions, and repairs files damaged by attacks – all with minimal strain on your system,
  • Phantom VPN, which secures and anonymizes your Internet browsing regardless of the device used thanks to encryption worthy of banks, all with an unlimited amount of data available,
  • System Speedup Pro and its thirty high-end optimization tools that allow you to clean up unnecessary files, speed up the startup time of your machine and reduce latency at the same time,
  • Software Updater Pro, which automatically updates your software and drivers to prevent vulnerabilities from being exploited by hackers,
  • Avira Password Manager Pro, which creates strong passwords and helps you remember and secure them, and also detects weak and reused passwords,
  • Avira Privacy Pal, which optimizes over 200 privacy settings with just a few clicks, to prevent companies from collecting your personal data, and helps you delete your unrecoverable confidential files.

The proposal then varies depending on the platform:

  • Windows take advantage of the entire offer detailed above,
  • macOS benefits from Avira Antivirus Pro, Phantom VPN, Optimizer Pro (the equivalent of System Speedup Pro) and Password Manager Pro tools,
  • Android has Avira Android Antivirus Pro, Phantom VPN, Optimizer Pro, Password Manager Pro and Avira QR Code Scanner,
  • ios, finally, is equipped with Phantom VPN, Password Manager Pro, Mobile Security Pro and QR Code Scanner.

Some modules are also supported by the various browsers present in the market, which includes Avira Password Manager, Avira Phantom VPN, Avira Browser Safety and Avira Safe Shopping.

Each Avira Prime subscription installs the security suite on five devices of your choice, allowing you to secure all of your devices, or the most at-risk machines in your home.


Try Avira Prime for free

Test Avira Prime free for one month

The annual subscription to Avira Prime costs 99.95 euros for five devices, but thanks to a promotional campaign carried out in partnership with The Indian Paper, you can test the security software suite for free for one month.


To take advantage of this good plan, simply go to the dedicated page and enter your email address. You will then receive everything you need to install and use Avira Prime. You do not need to provide your bank details to benefit from this offer: the license will automatically end after one month, but you will still have the option of subscribing to a subscription if you are satisfied with your trial. In any case, this is an opportunity to seize to discover all the advantages of Avira Prime without having to take out your wallet.

Avira Free Security, the free alternative

If, at the end of your one-month trial period, you do not wish to purchase a paid version of Avira Prime, you can turn to the Avira Free Security suite, which can be downloaded and used for free. The latter also includes three layers of protection via the categories security, confidentiality and performance.


On the security side, we find:

  • A anti-virus which protects your machine in real time,
  • Avira Browser Safety, a secure browser that blocks intrusions and infected sites,
  • Home Guard, which scans your network for vulnerabilities,
  • Software Updater, which keeps your software and drivers up to date,
  • Safe Shopping, which ensures you are getting good business on the internet while dodging scam sites.

The part dedicated to confidentiality counts:

  • Phantom VPN, a solution to anonymize and encrypt your connection, usable up to 500 MB per month for free,
  • Password Manager, which helps you create secure passwords,
  • Privacy Pal, which optimizes over 200 privacy settings easily.

To complete this already vast proposition, we find System Speedup, a tool that cleans your unnecessary files and optimizes the startup of your machine to make it faster and more efficient.

Avira Free Security is very easy to download and install. The software suite requires very few settings to protect you from a large part of web threats, and if you want to go even further, you can opt for the Avira Prime solution, more complete than ever.




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