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Announcement made by Tapasi Pannu “Then I will break my friendship with Anurag forever”

Actress Payal Ghosh has accused Bollywood director Anurag Kashyap of sexual misconduct. Anurag is currently facing strong criticism due to her sensational allegations.

Meanwhile, actress Tapsi Pannu reacted to the matter. She has declared that if Anurag is found guilty in this case, I will sever all ties with him.

Tapasi is a very good friend of Anurag. In an interview to Mumbai Mirror, she commented on the allegations of sexual misconduct against Anurag. She said, “Anurag respects women.

To this day, he has never abused women. He looks like a tough guy in society, but in fact, he is very calm and loving.

The allegations against him are false. And if the allegations are true, I will end my friendship with Anurag forever. ” In such a reaction, Tapasi has supported Anurag.

What is the allegation of Payal Ghosh?

“Anurag Kashyap has abused me and treated me very badly. Please take action against this person, which will reveal the true nature of this man.

I know this could put me at risk and raise my safety concerns. So please help me ”, tweeted Payal.

Anurag denied the allegations

“What’s the matter? You took too long to silence me. No problem. But while lying to me, you lied so much that you took other women with you in this argument. Limit yourself a little, madam, that’s all I can say. All the allegations are baseless, “tweeted Anurag Kashyap.


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