Anita Hasanandani is going to be a mother soon, Bolin- I am excited, but…

TV actress Anita Hasanandani is going to be a mother soon. He is in the third trimester of pregnancy. Anita is excited about this period and is surrounded by many emotions. Anita has said many things while expressing happiness about the arrival of the first baby. Anita has told how she feels herself and how her husband Rohit Reddy remains her support system.

Anita said, “I’m in my trimester. Delivery date is coming soon. I am very excited, nervous and stressed. A lot of mixed emotions are coming into me at the moment. Excited and ready for this new phase of life. I am looking forward to Baby’s arrival. “

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Anita further says that Rohit is pampering me and keeps reading a lot for Baby. Rohit is also quite excited. He is doing everything right, from ordering food to pampering me. He is learning many things online. How to rap Baby, what he does to get Baby Burp (Dakar), he is doing his stuff and I think he will become a Best Father. Rohit and I have learned stem cell banking. This has a good effect on the health of baby in future. I am glad that we are doing all this for our baby.

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