Anil Deshmukh: Evidence of BJP-Bollywood drug connection? Mumbai Police to investigate

Anil Deshmukh: The Congress has once again demanded an inquiry into the BJP-Bollywood drug connection and if the NCB does not investigate, Mumbai Police will investigate, Home Minister Anil Deshmukh has assured.

Actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death was investigated by three investigating agencies but nothing came of it.

An inquiry by the Narcotics Control Bureau was also conducted to mislead the public, and it turned out to be a farce.

As the BJP’s drug angle was involved in the case and the names of Modi’s biopic makers were also discussed, the Congress had demanded an inquiry into the drug connection between Bollywood and the BJP on August 31, 2020.

The Congress delegation called on Home Minister Anil Deshmukh. Deshmukh said the matter was serious.

The delegation led by Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee General Secretary and Spokesperson Sachin Sawant included Congress Spokesperson Dr. Raju Waghmare and Ratnakar Singh were also present.

The delegation drew the attention of the Home Minister to the whole matter and submitted a statement. Speaking on the occasion, Sachin Sawant said that the issue of drug connection is very serious.

Home Minister Deshmukh has said that Vivek Oberoi has close ties with the BJP and has been the BJP’s star campaigner.

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Earlier, the Maharashtra government had requested the National Investigation Agency (NIA) to probe the matter, but it appears that there is a lot of pressure on the NIA. , Said Sawant.

Home Minister Anil Deshmukh on behalf of the state government had handed over all the evidence regarding the BJP’s Bollywood drug connection to the National Investigation Agency, but the NCB has not yet inquired into the matter.

In this case, the name of the creator of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s biopic was coming up. BJP leader Subramaniam Swamy had also demanded an inquiry into the producer, but no inquiry was held in that direction.

This was not investigated despite the request of the state government. Sandeep Singh and Vivek Oberoi were mentioned in this context.

Regarding drug connection, Bangalore police came to Mumbai and raided the house of actor Vivek Oberoi, but it is surprising that the National Investigation Agency does not have time, ‘Sawant added.

Congress questions the investigation

Some important questions in this regard remain unanswered. Why choose only Sandeep Singh’s company for the biopic when there are so many big producers in Bollywood?

The then Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis had taken his precious time to unveil the poster of this biopic. Actor Vivek Oberoi is Sandeep Singh’s partner.

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These two have made a biopic of Modi, and also played the role of Modi with discretion. Vivek Oberoi was the BJP’s star campaigner in Gujarat.

The Gujarat government had called the company of these two and signed an agreement worth Rs 177 crore in Vibrant Gujarat.

Actress Ragini Vdivedi, who joined the BJP campaign in Karnataka, has been caught in the Sandalwood drug racket.

Along with her, 12 people have been charged with drug pedaling. Among the 12 is a man named Aditya Alva who is still absconding and Aditya Alva is Vivek Oberoi’s sister-in-law.

All this information was given for investigation but no action has been taken by the National Investigation Agency so far, Sawant claimed.

Who did you call 53 times?

The first film to be screened across the country after the lockdown on the same day that the Bangalore police raided actor Vivek Oberoi’s Mumbai home on October 15 was a biopic of Narendra Modi.

This is a coincidence determined by destiny. Sawant also said that he has not yet received an answer as to who Sandeep Singh called 53 times at the Maharashtra BJP office.


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