Android: Google wants to limit the possibility of accessing the list of installed applications

Applications that you download and install from the Play Store will soon no longer be able to access the inventory of other apps on your smartphone. Google has just announced that it will soon update its rules for developers to restrict the use of permissions to access certain sensitive information on Android. This is the case of the QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES authorization which allows developers to know the list of all the applications installed on a smartphone, through their own app.

Google, which considers the list of installed applications to be part of the user’s personal information, wants it to be accessible only when the functionality of the application is based on it. This way, only apps that can find devices, antivirus, file managers, and web browsers will continue to be able to access the inventory of apps on a device.

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Temporary exceptions may however be granted to certain applications. In particular, banking and digital wallet applications will be able to access this list to ensure that the device is not at risk in terms of security. This new privacy policy will come into effect from May 5 on smartphones equipped with Android 11 and above.

Source: 9to5Google


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