Android: Google rolls out a new interface for the Play Store

If you opened the Play Store on your Android smartphone this morning, you might have noticed a few changes. Google has just started deploying a new interface for its application store.
More modern, it harmonizes with the rest of the Google applications and abandons the valiant Hamburger menu and centralizes access to the application’s options by pressing the avatar of your account, as is already the case on Google Maps .

The lucky ones for whom the new interface is already deployed will see a blue bubble appear under their avatar indicating that their applications, games, notifications and other options are within this now unique menu.

The Play Store Settings are more readable, as Google has classified them in different drop-down menus: General, User Controls, Family and About.

Finally, the search results now display in the first position the searched application accompanied by screenshots that can be scrolled and viewed without having to enter the full description of the application sheet.

The deployment of this new interface began a few days ago and should gradually arrive at all users in the coming weeks.


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