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Among Us: Updated a feature that could totally change the way you play

During these months of popularity that Among Us is going through, you may not see major updates to the video game interface. The platform is outdated and the developers themselves expressed that many of the innovations are not accepted by the software. However, the game accepts small changes, and little by little they are added.
Consequently, in the most recent update, one of those arrived. It is an inclusion that can bring big changes to the way you play. And the biggest beneficiary of this small change could be the imposter.
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The change that is being talked about is that of anonymous voting. Yes, just as you are reading it. Once you vote for someone you suspect is the impostor, in Among Us, the color will not appear. Consequently, as the vote is anonymous, all the icons will appear in gray.

Updates to come in Among Us

In addition to that little change, there were updates to the settings. But what is interesting is what is soon to come in Among Us. Innersloth plans to establish a user account system. With the intention of avoiding so much piracy within the video game.
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Likewise, the inclusion of a new map is among the planning, to give more variety.

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