American: Bharatvanshi Maju Varghese appointed Deputy Assistant to President Biden and Director of WHMO

Joe Biden (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

Washington, March 2: US President Joe Biden has appointed Indian-American Maju Varghese as his deputy assistant and director of the White House Military Office (WHMO). Prior to this, Varghese has also worked as an important member in Biden’s election campaign and swearing committee. “Maju Varghese is now the Deputy Assistant to the President and the Director of the White House Military Office,” tweeted Varghese with a photo taken at the White House’s Arrival Lounge after the announcement of his appointment.

Sharing the picture on Tuesday, he wrote, “I am thankful for the swearing-in after the primary and general elections, for this journey, for the wonderful team and the history we have made.” I am honored to serve the country and the President. I feel proud to go through those doors again with the family, their story and hopes are with me. ” Also read: America: Indian-American energy expert appointed in US to key position in Agriculture Department

It is noteworthy that the WHMO White House has an office that provides military support for the functioning of the White House, such as food service, transportation for the President, medical and hospitality services. The WHMO Director oversees all military operations in Airforce One (the President’s official aircraft) during the US President’s worldwide travel. It is noteworthy that Varghese was born in America and his parents came here from Thiruvala in Kerala. He graduated from the University of Massachusetts in political science and economics.

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