America: Vanita Gupta dedicates her career to racial justice: Biden

Joe Biden (Photo credits: Facebook)

Washington, April 22: US President Joe Biden said he named Vanita Gupta, a ‘highly skilled and respected’ Indian-origin lawyer for the Justice Department, who spent his entire career pursuing racial equality and justice It is planted in battle. It is noteworthy that if the Senate confirms the nomination of 46-year-old Gupta, she will serve as the Associate Attorney General, which is considered as the third most powerful post in the Department of Justice. President Biden on Tuesday commented on the decision against former police officer Derek Chauvin in the George Floyd case, saying that state and local government and law enforcement need to be vigilant and this is also necessary for the federal government.

He said, “That’s why I nominated a leadership in the Department of Justice who is fully committed to restoring the trust of law enforcement and the community and is committed to serving and protecting it.” Said he has full faith in the leadership and commitment of Attorney General Merrick Brian Garland. Also read: Delhi: Congress leader and former minister Dr. AK Walia, who is fighting from Corona, dies

He said, “I have nominated Vanita Gupta and Christen Clarke for two important positions in the Department of Justice who is a very skilled and respected lawyer who has spent her entire career in the fight for racial equality and justice.” Biden Said, “Vanita and Christen are experienced and have the skills they need to bring our administration to abolish the unconstitutional police system and reform the criminal justice system.” They are entitled to confirm this nomination. “It is noteworthy that after hours of debate, the US Senate postponed voting on Vanita’s nomination.

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