America: Senate acquits Trump on allegations of violence in the US Capitol

President Donald Trump (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Washington, February 14: The US Senate on Saturday acquitted former President Donald J Trump on charges of inciting violence on January 6 in the Capitol (Parliament House). After a four-day hearing against Trump, the 100-member Senate cast 57 votes in favor of impeachment and 43 votes against it. 10 more votes were required to prove Trump guilty. Trump was accused of instigating the violence committed by his supporters on January 6 in the US Capitol. Seven senators of the Republican party voted in support of Trump’s impeachment, but the Democratic Party failed to obtain the 67 votes needed to convict the former president. The Democratic Party has 50 members in the Senate. Trump is the first such president in American history against whom impeachment proceedings have been initiated twice.

He is the first President who has faced impeachment action after leaving office. Seven senators, including Republican Republican Bill Cassidy, Richard Barr, Mitt Romney, and Susan Collins, voted in favor of impeachment. Trump, after he was acquitted, issued a statement saying, “No president has ever had to face it before.” Open leeway was given to insulting law enforcement, promoting mob, pardoning rioters and turning justice into a medium of political vendetta. Also Read: America: US Senate Approves Names Of New Internal Security Minister, Transport Minister

He was allowed to prosecute, blacklist, revoke or suppress all those opinions and people he disagrees with. “Trump always said,” I am always law enforcement, heroes of law enforcement and without I have been and will remain a supporter of the rights of Americans to debate issues of malice in a peaceful and respectful manner. ”

The ‘Washington Post’ said that the impeachment result underscores that Trump’s hold on the party still remains.

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