America: Biden, 78 years old, will take charge of superpower country after two months

Democratic Party leader Joe Biden, who was elected America’s 46th president, is celebrating his 78th birthday today. Joe Biden will remember his birthday day. Biden defeated Republican candidate Donald Trump in the recently concluded presidential election. Biden is going to occupy the most powerful post in the world next year.

Joe Biden is going to be sworn in as the 46th President of the US on January 20, just two months from today. Biden will be the oldest US President. Earlier, this record was named after Ronald Reagan (77). The current President, Donald Trump, is 4 years younger than Biden. Biden’s team released his medical history last year, stating that he was fully fit to take command of America even after such an age.

The upcoming President of America can celebrate the birthday with his favorite ice cream. According to Barack Obama, ice cream is included in Biden’s favorite food. Earlier, Biden had congratulated Kamala Harris on her birthday, saying that they hoped the two leaders could celebrate the new year with ice cream at the White House. After winning the presidential election, now his dream is going to be fulfilled.

The 78-year-old Biden has been a six-time senator. Biden failed in the presidential race in 1988 and 2008. Delighted to become president, veteran leader Biden, who arrived from Delaware, had his biggest breakthrough when he managed to win a presidential race in South Carolina’s Democratic Party primary on February 29, beating all his rivals.

Biden has spent five decades in Washington


Biden, who spent five decades in Washington, was a well-known face to the American public, as he served as Vice President twice during the tenure of then US President Barack Obama. As a senator in the state of Delaware for nearly three decades and during his tenure of eight years during the Obama regime, he has always been a champion of strengthening Indo-American relations. Biden was also instrumental in the passage of the Indo-US nuclear deal.

Biden also has a large number of Indian-Americans with strong ties to Indian politicians. In July, during a campaign to raise funds for elections, Biden said that Indo-US are natural partners. Recalling his eight-year tenure as Vice-President, he referred to further strengthening relations with India and also said that Indo-US relations would remain his priority if he is elected President.

Was a senator in 1972 at the age of 29
Born in Pennsylvania in 1942, Joe Robinette Biden Jr. studied at the University of Delaware and later received a law degree in 1968. Biden was first elected senator in Delaware in 1972 and held this position six times. Biden, who became a senator at the age of 29, is the youngest ever senator to become a leader.



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