Amazon is delivering in boxes of Super Mario Bros .: how do you get them?

Your Amazon order may arrive in a Super Mario Bros. box, in an ad campaign from Jeff Bezos’ company. A package arrived for you, and in a Super Mario Bros. box! It seems incredible, but it is part of an Amazon advertising campaign, for the 35th anniversary of the famous Nintendo video game.

The most curious thing is that it does not necessarily have to be a product related to Nintendo. Not even from any other video game company.

Nintendo reports that Super Mario Bros. boxes come in limited quantities and will be delivered at random, “while supplies last.”

These random boxes will be delivered throughout the month of November. It is not specified if it only applies to the United States.

Other news from the Amazon and Nintendo link in tribute to Mario

Amazon joins Mario’s party in another way: with a new home page featuring

 a franchise timeline.

Recall that the first video game of the charismatic plumber Mario and his brother Luigi was released by Nintendo in 1985.

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Other details on the page include curiosities about each edition and the possibility of buying new titles, such as Super Mario Odyssey.

Nintendo also released a reengineering of the original Super Mario Bros., Super Mario 3D All-Stars, and Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit.

The sale of Super Mario Game & Watch is expected in November, according to Engadget.  



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