Amanda Lear, her age finally revealed? In pictures, it gives a new clue …

Amanda Lear loves to keep the mystery around her person, which has the gift of fueling the wildest rumors. How to forget that, for decades, the singer and actress has been suspected of actually being … a man. Noises from the corridors that do not bother her at all, as she had confided in The sofa in 2018. “It would be terrible if we talked about it more because that’s about the only thing that made me interesting initially, not being a great singer with an amazing voice. So, I had to find something to make me interesting“, she declared to Marc-Olivier Fogiel. Amanda Lear also likes to play with the nerves of her admirers in keeping his date of birth secret.

Indeed, it’s been sixty years already that it has made a place under the eye of the general public, while keeping silent its age. Even his Wikipedia entry failed to unravel the mystery, arguing that she would be born “between 1939 and 1950“, or that she would be between 81 and 70 years old. A very wide range that the main interested party seems to have reduced on Friday, January 15, 2021 …

On social networks, Amanda Lear has, a priori, revealed to have at least 75 years old, if not more. On Instagram and Facebook, she shared a photo of herself being vaccinated against Covid-19. However, in France, only people over 75 have for the moment access to the precious vaccine! “Vaccinated! Exceptionally (because much too young …). Get vaccinated, you’re sick of the virus! I set the example“, she commented with humor on Facebook, willingly maintaining the mystery around her age. The hypothesis that she could have had access to a pass is itself unlikely, as recently recalled the doctor and host Michel Cymes.


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