What is special about Akshay Kumar’s FAU-G Game, it will launch to compete PUBG, know here about the game

FAU G game features: An Indian company, along with actor Akshay Kumar, has announced the launch of a ‘pubg-like’ mobile game market, which aims to fill a niche in the market, which has come in the wake of the ban on the well-known Chinese mobile app PUBG.

A company called Bangalore-based N-Core Games has prepared this mobile game, which is being directly considered a rival of PUBG.

PUBG mobile India game

The company has named this game ‘Fauji’ (FAU: G) which will be on the market by the end of January.

Company co-founder Vishal Gondal told the news agency Reuters that “Fearless and United Guards is the full name of this game. This game has been in operation for several months. We have seen the first level of this game based on Galvan Valley Is kept. ”

In the Galvan Valley itself, there was a first confrontation between the soldiers of China and India in June in which at least 20 Indian soldiers were killed. Since then, tensions between the two countries have been continu ing regarding the Line of Actual Control.

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Amid this stalemate, the Indian government on Wednesday banned 118 other mobile apps made by Chinese companies, including the popular gaming app PUBG.

PubG ie Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds has been a very popular mobile game in India for the last few years. The game is said to be inspired by a Japanese thriller film Battle Royale in which the government sends a group of students to fight to the death.

India has about 25 percent of the pubs playing in the world. There are only 17 percent users in China and six percent users in America who play PUBG.

Piyush Kumar, CEO of the video game streaming site ‘Routers’ in India, told the BBC that “Talking about PUBG in India, the game has close to 175 million downloads of which active users are around 75 million, ie from China. More people have been playing PUBG in India. ”

Young people are considered crazy about this game and their sharp reactions have also been seen through social media on the announcement of its ban in India.

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Talking about the world, in 2019, the gaming market was worth $ 16.9 billion, with China leading the way with a share of $ 4.2 billion. America comes on second, Japan and then Britain and South Korea third.

The gaming industry is expanding rapidly in India too, but it is still less than one billion dollars. India is not in the top five countries of gaming in terms of revenue, but it is definitely an emerging market for the remaining countries.

Statistics show that the number of mobile game players in India has increased significantly during the lockdown.

There has not been a huge trend to make online games in India yet. It is believed that Indian developers are far behind in this. But this game called FAU: G has brought the developers to the spotlight.


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