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After the victory in the by-elections, now the stakes in the post of minister in the Shivraj government, these 8 leaders are at the forefront of the race!

Bhopal. The Shivraj government, which has managed to win the public’s trust in Madhya Pradesh, has got challenges along with the victory in the by-election results. Apart from fulfilling the expectations of the people and the promises made to them, giving a place among the ministers who are among the militant leaders to become ministers is not less than a challenge. That is, now even during the expansion of the cabinet of Shivraj government, Shivraj may have to work hard.
Actually, after the defeat of the 3 ministers who joined the BJP from the Congress, a total of four ministers are vacant in the cabinet. In such a situation, four new leaders can be assigned ministerial posts, but for the four posts as ministers, about 8 people are in the race. In such a situation, whom does Shivraj include in his cabinet and who is excluded? It will be difficult to say now.

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Discussions on the claims of these 8 leaders as ministers
With the results of the by-elections in the political corridors, discussions have started for leaders who want to get a place in the Shivraj cabinet and become ministers. There is also a lot of pressure for the legislators of Vindhya region. In fact, senior MLA Girish Gautam has even staked a claim to join the cabinet. He says that Vindhya should get attention in the Shivraj cabinet. On the other hand, Rampal Singh, Rajendra Shukla, Gourishankar Bisen, Ajay Vishnoi, Nagendra Singh and Ramesh Mendola along with Sanjay Pathak, who was a minister during the previous tenure of Shivraj government, are also being included in this race.
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