After the CAN of the districts, a Mondial of the districts in 2022

Guest of the After Foot Monday evening, Moussa Sow, organizer of the first CAN neighborhoods in Créteil in 2019, spoke of his ambition to move to the next level in 2022 with a World Cup.

Aulnay-sous-Bois, Mantes-la-Jolie, Orléans, Sarcelles … If this football summer of 2021 rhymes with Euro 2021 and Copa América, several French cities vibrate to the rhythm of the CAN neighborhoods. Friendly competitions bringing together amateur players of African origin that attract more and more people, on and off the field.


Creator of the first tournament of its kind in Créteil, in the summer of 2019, Moussa Sow returned Monday evening in the After Foot on this crazy adventure.

“Next year, we are going to have a World Cup”

“The idea came to me because every Clasico Real-Barça, we made a Five between friends, with on one side the fans of Real, and on the other those of Barça, he recalls. And then in 2019, at the time of the CAN in Egypt (the real one, editor’s note), we created the CAN of the neighborhoods. We started to make flyers, and with the networks it goes very quickly … I was accompanied of eight guys from my neighborhood, I told them ‘here you are going to recruit me 15 Franco-Algerians, 15 Franco-Malians, 15 Franco-Tunisians etc, but who come from all the districts of the city of Créteil’. that’s the idea. “


For the means, it was something else. “At the beginning it was complicated, smiles Moussa, we played on a field that was often occupied, but as the competition went on, we made a schedule, and with the media coverage the town hall took an interest to the project. ” Other cities in the Parisian suburbs too, then a little further away, for a nice snowball effect.

Two years later, Moussa Sow is happy to see that his initiative has gained momentum. But he now aims to move to the next level. “Why is there no French team in the competition? Next year, it will be done, he announces. Next year, we will do a World Cup (neighborhoods). But you should know that the country most represented today at the CAN is already France. “


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