After Super League failure, Gündogan criticizes new Champions League format

German Manchester City midfielder İlkay Gündoğan on Twitter criticized the new Champions League format, which is due to come into effect from 2024.

After seeing European football get rid of the Super League, Ilkay Gündogan would now like to bring down the reform of the Champions League. The German midfielder from Manchester City tweeted on Thursday evening to say how badly he thinks the new C1 format is.

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“With everything going on in the Super League … can we also talk about the new format of the Champions League? More and more games. Nobody thinks of us, the players? This new format of the Champions League is only a lesser evil compared to the Super League “, noted Ilkay Gündogan in a first message.

“The current Champions League format works very well,” he added. “And that is why it is the most popular club competition in the world, both for players and for the supporters”.

Ten group matches instead of six

In the new format that UEFA intends to put in place from the 2024-2025 season, the group stage will be abolished. Instead, 36 teams (instead of 32) will be together in a single pool with 10 matches for each of them (instead of 6). Direct qualification for the round of 16 is granted to the first eight, while a jump-off is planned for the other eight places.

The increase in the number of participants does not only allow France to benefit from an additional ticket. Two of the other four additional tickets will be awarded for the benefit of the clubs’ European history, via their UEFA coefficient, which could for example allow Dortmund, Liverpool or Arsenal to qualify despite a failed domestic season. This point tenses up critics of the reform, who see it as a lifeline and a reduction in the sporting hazard for the richest clubs.


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