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After display, there is problem in charging of iPhone 12, users waiting for update

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The new iPhone 12 has been launched by California tech company Apple this year and its sale has started. Some problems related to the charging and display of the latest iPhone have been revealed, which Apple has started to fix. Many iPhone 12 users have complained that their Qi-certified charger is not charging the new iPhone. Earlier, there was also a problem of green tint in the display, which the company can fix in the next update.

Regarding the problem faced by the charging of the premium device, an iPhone 12 user said, ‘After the new iPhone 12 arrived, I charged wirelessly with my three Choetech chargers. However, later I started using only two chargers while not charging on the stand. However, the phone later stopped charging on one charger and only one in three chargers started working with it. ‘ The same problem is also facing many users.

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Fix with new iOS update
According to the 9to5Mac report, restarting the device fixes the problem for some time, but no permanent solution has been revealed so far. After talking to Apple Customer Care, users have been assured of the fix of this problem and it has been revealed that Apple is working on the new iOS update, with the help of which the charging problem will be fixed. That is, this problem is not related to hardware but to software.

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Display will be replaced
Last month, a lot of users complained that their new iPhone 12 display is seeing a problem of green tint. According to Macrumors, the company has also started working on the fix of this problem. Apart from this, many users are also promising to replace the display of iPhones in Apple Free. If you are seeing glitches in the display of the new device, then you can get it replaced by going to the nearest Apple Authorized Center.


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