After all, why Adam Jampa is not able to make a place in Australia’s test team, the reason given

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The drop in pitch used by Cricket Australia board has been questioned by his team’s spin bowler Adam Zampa. He believes that since the drop in pitches are being used in Australia’s grounds, there is nothing left for the spin bowler in these grounds. This is the reason why he is not able to make a place in Australia’s Test team either.

Significantly, such pitches are used in all other grounds except Sydney Cricket Ground in Australia and Brisbane’s Gaba Ground. Due to which these pitches are to be played in the field, the pitch is brought from outside and fit in the ground. That is, such pitches are kept in a room and when a match occurs, they are dumped in the same size pit in the ground. Hence these are called drop in pitches. The pitches are more grassy on such pitches, which does not particularly help the spin bowlers.

In this way, Zampa expressed his displeasure at the drop-in pitch, on a video call to the Reuters agency reporter, saying, “In domestic cricket, it is very difficult to take wickets as a spin bowler on these pitches.”

Not only this, Zampa further said that he also wants to get a baggy green cap by making a place in Australia’s Test team. To which he said, “Except for Sydney and one ground, all the grounds hardly help us with the pitch. Due to which we have to play a different kind of role in the domestic cricket Sheffield Shield tournament.”

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Jampa, who has been an important part of Australia’s limited overs cricket team for the past several years, believes that people consider him a white ball bowler. In such a situation, Jampa, who is trying to remove this tag, said, “For the last few years people consider me a bowler of white ball. Now I want to change this perception of fans.

Let us know that in the last two seasons of multi-day cricket Sheffield Shield played in Jampa Australia, only 3 matches have been played. Adam Jampa has just 5 wickets in these 3 matches. In such a situation, it will not be easy for him to debut in Test cricket. While playing 55 ODIs and 30 T20 matches for Australia in ODIs, they have become an important part of the team. Due to which he now wants to be a part of the Test cricket team as well.

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