Advertising targeting: Max Schrems’ NGO files a complaint against Google in France

The Austrian NGO for the protection of online privacy NOYB announced on Wednesday the filing of a complaint against Google with the CNIL, the French personal data regulator, to denounce the use of a tracking code on smartphones. The American giant’s Android operating system automatically associates each device with a string of characters, known as Advertising ID (AAID), “Without the knowledge of the user or without his consent”, explains NOYB (for “None of your business”, “it is not your business” in French), in a press release.

The user is tracked

Now this identifier, which functions as a “Digital license plate”, makes it possible to determine the user’s preferences, to follow his behavior in order to offer him targeted advertisements, according to the text of the complaint. “Imagine having colored powder on your feet and hands that signal your every step and action: everything you touch in the mobile ecosystem”, commented Stefano Rossetti, lawyer specializing in the protection of privacy at NOYB

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“The scope of this case is mind-boggling. Almost all Android users ”

, which are estimated at over 300 million in the European Union, “Seem to be affected by this technology”, he adds, hoping ” an action “ of the National Commission for Informatics and Freedom (CNIL). The complaint is based on the European “e-privacy” directive, which highlights the necessary “Prior consent” user for any information storage.

Apple also singled out

The NGO lodged similar complaints against Apple in November with data protection authorities in Germany and Spain. Among the founders of NOYB is Austrian lawyer Max Schrems, who has achieved a series of legal victories in the field of online privacy.

A complaint against Facebook led in July 2020 the European Court of Justice to invalidate a crucial mechanism for transferring personal data from the European Union to the United States. In 2015, he had already obtained the cancellation of a similar agreement between Brussels and Washington.


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