Administration strict to stop illegal coal mining in Naxalite affected areas, directive to task force

Shivshankar Chaudhary, Dumka
The district administration has become active to ban illegal coal mining in Dumka, Jharkhand. A decision has been taken to take strict action against the mafias associated with this Korabar by constituting a task force. A meeting of the mining task force was held on Wednesday under the chairmanship of Dumka Deputy Commissioner Rajeshwari B and Superintendent of Police Ambar Lakra. Many important decisions were taken in this.

Dumka administration’s big decision
In the meeting, special instructions have been given to the mining task force constituted for the prevention of illegal mining in Naxalite affected areas. Action has been said to stop illegal mining of coal in Shikaripada and Gopikandar. The Deputy Commissioner said that the task force will take action under the leadership of DFO and Task Force members in the forest area and SDO in non-forest area. This should be ensured.

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Task force directed to take the harshest action
Deputy Commissioner Rajeshwari B said that all the Zonal Officers would conduct regular investigation of illegal mining and transportation of stones under their respective areas of work. They will also take legal action as per rules. Along with this, such areas should also be identified and where there is illegal lifting of sand, work to close the routes. The Deputy Commissioner said that the illegal transportation of sand should also be investigated and the task force should be campaigned twice a month.

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