Actress Alice Belaïdi accuses Pierre Ménès of racist and sexist insults

Alice Belaïdi, an actress who notably played in several Canal + series, accuses Pierre Ménès of racist and sexist insults against her. The famous Canal Football Club consultant, who faces sexual assault charges, is currently suspended.

Pierre Ménès finds himself again in the eye of the storm. Invited on Europe 1 this Monday, actress Alice Belaïdi claims to have been the target of racist and sexist insults from the columnist of the Canal Football Club program. The actress featured in several Canal + series such as WorkingGirls or Hippocrates hailed the liberation of speech from the #MeToo movement. She then revealed that she herself had been verbally assaulted in the business, in particular from Pierre Ménès.

“We were talking about what comes out on Pierre Ménès, she relocated in reference to a conversation about the journalist a few moments earlier. Me too, I was the victim of ‘dirty bougnoule’, ‘bitch’ of the part of that guy. I say to myself, luckily the word is finally free for us women and that these guys fall. That’s enough. #MeToo, it can only affect us, men and women. Many of my Male buddies are happy that this is also coming out because they are fed up with being associated with these guys. “

This new heavy accusation comes two weeks after the broadcast on Canal + of the documentary “I am not a slut, I am a journalist”. Pointed out in the report for sexual assault committed on three female colleagues a few years ago, Pierre Ménès had answered questions from journalist Marie Portolano, herself targeted by an inappropriate gesture by Ménès. But the sequence had been cut during the editing, as revealed by the site Les Jours. Faced with the outcry, the consultant finally defended himself in the program “Touche pas à mon poste”, in C8, channel of the Canal + group.

He then apologized, while denouncing the torrent of insults and threats received on social networks. “For everything that happened, I have deep regrets. For Francesca Antoniotti (whom he had kissed by force, editor’s note), Isabelle (Moreau, also kissed by force) and Marie (Portolano, whom he had lifted the skirt on the CFC stage). (…) My professional life has been marked by girls. I have never had any problems with anyone. That’s why I regret the image some people give me. I live it badly, because it is not me. I am not like that and the people who know me know that. My relatives know very well what I am. “

Suspended until further notice by Canal +

“My wife tells me to be careful with my behavior, he added. But I have already changed a lot of things for a while (…) What I could afford five or ten years ago, I can no longer And I regret it because I’m slowing down (…) I’ve changed a lot, it’s been four and a half years. I’m much more frugal, calmed down. I will never be caught doing things like that again. C ‘is intolerable in 2021. “

Last week, Ménès posted a new apology on his Twitter account. Since then, the channel has announced its suspension until further notice and its absence on the Canal Football Club program on Sunday. The Fifa video game had also announced the end of its collaboration with Ménès who was one of the commentators of the game. At the request of the Canal + unions, the group launched “an in-depth analysis”.


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