A woman from the Capitale-Nationale wins $ 15 million in Lotto Max

Despite the pandemic and the late snowfall, a resident of the Capitale-Nationale now has many reasons to see life in pink after winning more than $ 15 million in the April 13 Lotto Max draw.

Liliane Fortin hit exactly $ 15,231,359, which is half the jackpot in the April 13 Lotto Max draw. The other half was won in Ontario.

It is also the largest amount won in this lottery with a ticket purchased online on the Loto-Québec site.

Due to health constraints, Loto-Québec made a video at the winner’s home that she sent to the media rather than holding a press conference. It was not possible to speak directly to the winner.

Mme Fortin was contacted by telephone by Loto-Québec the day after the draw. The representative of the crown corporation suggested that she check her tickets.

“I really saw that the ticket was a winner and that the amount was what the employee told me. It was incredible! ” said Mme Fort.

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The new multimillionaire then hastened to announce the happy news to her spouse and children.

The lucky winner first treated herself to a new pair of glasses, perhaps to make sure she had no sight problems when she saw the winning combination on the screen!

Mme Fortin intends to take a break and think about what she will do with this money. But she intends to spoil her children, redo the landscaping around her home and travel to Europe when the health situation permits.

Loto-Québec noted that from 1er January to April 18 of this year, the company paid out 42 prizes of $ 1,000,000 or more. Seven people also obtained pensions for the rest of their lives thanks to the Gagnant à vie and Grande Vie lotteries.

To comply with health rules, Loto-Québec invites winners of prizes of $ 25,000 or more to contact its customer service.

For prizes under $ 25,000, she recommends the claim by mail.

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