A Suitable Boy Web Series Review, Netflix: Tabu – Ishaan Khattar – Tanya Manikatla’s A-1 Acting


The story of the series involves Lata (Tanya Manikatla) and her three seekers, one of whom has to choose Lata as her husband. Man Kapoor (Ishaan Khattar), on the other hand, is a zamindar boy who is imprisoned in the love of Saeeda Begum (Tabu) for not finding the image of his father’s social worker. But in these three boys, who is worth Lata and is Lata really worth someone, you will know in the last episode. On the other hand, how complete is the love of Saeeda Begum, doubling in value and her age, this will tell you the climax of the series?

The character

If we talk about the main characters in this series, then there are only two. Maan Kapoor (Ishan Khattar) and Lata (Tanya Manikatla). But even between these two characters, Tabu comes to the task of taking the spoils and his acting is seen doing the same here. Whenever she is on the screen, you cannot remove her eyes. It is not that there is anything new in his character, but still, Tabu adds such magic that you do not remember anything old.


The series is full of the cast. And everyone tries to do their job well. But here comes trouble. Why not everyone’s share, in 6 hours, is as much as the audience expects. Even the main character Ishaan Khattar sees you coming into your form after a three-hour series. Tanya Mankatla as Lata on the other hand tries her best to hold you tightly.

Supporting cast

If we talk about the actors in the film, Ram Kapoor is effective as a politician, then Vinay Pathak is remembered even in the small character of the minister. Rasika Duggal will be seen as Lata’s sister throughout the series, but her part has not been impressive. On the other hand, the extramarital affair and sex scenes of Shahana Goswami and Randeep Hooda seem to carry the story somewhere but are not able to take it. Vijay Verma as Rashid and Ranveer Shorey as his heir is able to play him with full vigor. Namit Das leaves a mark as a candidate for Lata’s future husband.


Meera Nair has tried to tie the series tightly and she has also succeeded in it. And she deserves congratulations for her successful efforts. The series could have focused on choosing a boy only for a girl, but he did it very well in the different money squares that emerged in the country after partition, Hindu-Muslim riots, new laws and a flourishing of society. In the rebellion and using it all, we have shielded the best in politics.


The author of the series is – Andrew Davis, who has tried to cover 1359 pages of Vikram Seth’s 1993 novel A Suitable Boy in 8 episodes for which he deserves congratulations. Later, Mira Nair divided these eight episodes into six parts, giving them more strength. The series is written in great detail and presents every possible picture of 1950s India. Interestingly, despite not leaving any aspect, the series seems to be threaded and threaded together.


Technical aspect

Talking about the technical side of the film, this series, set in the 1950s, is made on a budget of 150 crores. But this budget is neither seen in the dress of the characters nor in the appearances of the cities. In doing so, Declan Quinn’s camera and Stephanie Carol’s production design appear to fail miserably. Saeeda Begum’s ghazals, on the other hand, should have been the life of this series, but its music falls face down.

Where won heart

It is difficult to present such a novel as a tight story. That too is impossible in only six episodes. Especially when the series has several stories running in addition to the main storyline. And this is where Meera Nair wins your heart. The series is a story of finding a suitable groom for Lata, but walking with four families. And these four families never disappear from the script.

Where did you disappoint

If a suitable boy disappoints him, he is in the use of characters and in his production design. From riots to closets, from Calcutta to Lucknow, from Haveli to college, nothing takes you to 1950. If anything covers these shortcomings, it is a strong story of the series. But she also sometimes makes you restless because some characters get you incomplete touches and no attempt has been made to fulfill them.

What happens better

Talking about the technical side of the series, first of all, it is important to keep in mind that this series is made in English and has been dubbed in Hindi. And this dubbing is disappointing. Sometimes you will not be able to connect the characters and their voices together, sometimes you will be engrossed in the dialogues of Hindi and the poetry of Urdu. If you make up your mind to watch it with subtitles, you will probably feel disappointed.

See or not see

A suitable boy asks for your 6 hours right. Not because this series has been worked on. But because despite the shortcomings, this series serves you as much as you promise. This series does not give you any false promise from its very first scene. And she does as much as she does.


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