A renewed version of the Tesla Cybertruck will be presented before the end of the year

Almost a year after the official presentation of the Tesla Cybertruck, Elon Musk and the company confirmed that they will present a new version of this pick-up with some cosmetic modifications in about a month or so, although for now there is no specific date for the event.

The information comes to us once again first-hand from the CEO and creator of Tesla, Elon Musk, who as usual released the bombing through a tweet on his official account, where he responded to a user who questioned whether the model it will have modifications or if it will present a new version that corrects the errors of the first event.

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What is clear is that, although the Tesla Cybertruck has received endless criticism for its daring design, the reality is that Musk and Tesla are not planning to modify it extensively and the promised redesign would rather respond to the problems of the excess dimensions of this first version that we already know.

It should be noted that size is not a minor problem, especially when you compare the electric pick-up with its direct rivals such as the Ford F-150 or even the recently presented GMC Hummer EV, which despite presenting a powerful powertrain and capable, they must not resort to a huge body to do their job.


For now, we know that the Tesla Cybertruck will be inserted into the segment of full-size pick-ups, wherein the current market we find the Ford F-150, the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 or the RAM 1500, but its current dimensions correspond better to a heavy-duty truck such as the F-250 or even the F-350, designed as a three and a half-ton truck.

It is for that reason that, to better compete in its segment, Tesla’s new pick-up must be 25.4 mm less in width and 152.4 mm less in length, according to the information released by the company days after its presentation. , although shortly after that they also affirmed that there would be no modifications to the primary design and that in any case, they would launch a special version for markets such as Europe.

Undoubtedly Tesla will not stop giving us what to talk about and this confirmation by Musk through social networks only serves to confirm that finally, the brand did decide to change the first model presented a bit, although of course its general structure and its appearance of a ship They don’t seem to want to change in the least.


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