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A poor Girl suddenly got 10 crore rupees in her bank account, then she did this

If there are not even two thousand rupees in your bank account and suddenly you know that there are 10 crore rupees in it, then think what will be your condition.

If you have got that money through the lottery then you can be happy and think about spending it. But if that money comes without any reason then no one will be scared.

Something similar happened in Ballia, Uttar Pradesh, where 9 crores 99 lakh rupees came to the account of a girl. When Saroj came to know about this, she was shocked.

In fact, Saroj opened an account in Allahabad Bank’s Bansdih branch in the year 2018.

One day when she reached the bank and took information about her account, she came to know that there are not thousands but crores of rupees in her accounts.

After seeing such a large amount in the bank, the bank stopped the transaction from that account for the time being.

The girl, who reached the bank with her mother, lodged a complaint at the police station, after which the police is investigating the matter with the help of the bank.

Police are considering it as a case of cyber fraud. Saroj, a resident of Rukunpur village, opened a bank account in the year 2018 itself.

She told that a man named Nilesh of Kanpur countryside had taken a photocopy of Aadhar card and documents from her on the pretext of getting the benefit of PM’s residence.

Saroj told that one day she got an ATM card through the post which she sent to Nilesh’s address.

According to bank employees, the transactions are continuously being done from that account, which Saroj does not even know. The number of Nilesh who opened Saroj’s account is also now switching off.

The surprising thing is that Saroj has not studied and she is able to write her name only very rarely. In such a situation, the possibility of making her a victim of fraud is being raised.

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