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A lying dragon spreading around all four sides in Ladakh, Chinese scientist said – Corona spread from India to other countries of the world

China’s fury continues to emerge from time to time in India’s eastern Ladakh region after months of border dispute. Recently, Chinese scientists have made a claim, which has started making fun of him. Actually, Chinese scientists claim that the corona virus originated from India and spread all over the world. Significantly, the whole world knows that last year, the first case of corona virus was reported in Wuhan city of China and then other countries of the world were caught in the epidemic.

The Chinese Academy of Sciences team says that it is likely that the virus (Kovid-19 virus) first appeared in India during the summer season in 2019. Before reaching Wuhan, the virus was transmitted to humans through water contaminated by an animal in India. According to the Daily Mail, claims from Chinese scientists have been rejected by UK experts. Expert David Robertson of Glasgow University has termed the research of Chinese scientists as faulty, saying that this has not increased the understanding about the corona virus at all.

However, this is not the first time that China has pointed fingers at other countries on the corona virus in the world. Even before this, China has accused Italy and America of the Koreana virus without any evidence. At the same time, WHO is also collecting information about the birth of Corona. China has accused India of this when tense border situation in Ladakh between the two countries continues.

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What did Chinese scientists say in the paper?

For the research paper, the Chinese team has resorted to phylogenetic analysis (study of how the virus is mutated). Like all cells, the virus is also mutated. Scientists argue that the lowest source of the mutation can be found through which the least mutation occurred. Chinese scientists claimed that Wuhan did not find the actual source after using this method. The names of countries such as Bangladesh, America, Greece, Australia, India, Italy, Czech Republic, Russia and Serbia have been revealed. Researchers argue that since both India and Bangladesh record the lowest number of mutations and are also geographic neighbors, it is likely that the transmission occurred first. Scientists in the research claim that it was first found in July and August 2019.


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