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9-year-old boy discovered rare piece of gold jewelry found in Israel

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A rare piece of 3000-year-old gold jewelry has been found during excavations in Israel. This piece of gold jewelry has been discovered by a 9-year-old boy in the team of archaeologists working on the Temple Mount Sifting Project. The project was launched in 2004, 16 years ago. In this, teams of professionals and amateur archaeologists from all over the world work on the clay dunes near the Temple Mount of Jerusalem.

This gold discovery is therefore rare
In the last 16 years, through this project, archaeologists have received more than 480,000 works of art including ancient coins and pottery. However, the discovery of an object made of gold from this place is indeed being described as rare. Because, during the period of the first temple, this precious metal i.e. gold was not widely available in Israel around 95,000 BC.

9 year old boy discovers historical gold
The team of archaeologists are very excited about this piece of gold, as it has been discovered by a 9-year-old boy from Jerusalem. Reportedly, the boy who discovered this piece is named Benjamin Milt. He discovered this piece of time of the first temple in summer this year. However this piece of gold was not much noticed then.

Never got so old gold in Israel
Archaeologist Dr. Amir Golani of the Israel Antiquities Authority said that gold jewelery from the time of the First Temple has rarely been found in archaeological artifacts. At that time, there was no technology to refine gold. At that time, large quantities of silver were present as adulteration in gold. Techniques for cleaning, polishing and preserving gold were discovered in ancient Egypt.

After 3000 years, the glow of gold remains intact
The piece of gold found has been beautifully carved on it. There are grooves on top of this round piece. There are four round balls of gold in each groove. It looks like a machine made of grooves. This piece was exceptionally well preserved, retaining its luster even 3000 years later.


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