4K 120Hz TV lie: Xiaomi apologizes, reimburses

Despite its many claims and despite the technical information given on the site of Xiaomi, its latest TV, the Mi TV Q1 is not able to display 4K at 120 Hz natively. Since this discovery, the Chinese manufacturer, caught in the turmoil, is called on to explain.

Xiaomi’s answer fell last night, and it has the merit of being clear:

“We are aware of the public’s feedback on our latest TV product (Mi TV Q1 75 inches). The product is not able to decode native 4K to 120Hz due to hardware limitations, but it is able to upscale 4K 60Hz source to 4K 120Hz, thanks to MEMC chip. We will be changing our promotional language across all our channels to avoid confusion for our users and to educate those who have purchased the product so that they are up to date with the technical specifications. We sincerely apologize for this misunderstanding ”.

Recovery, reimbursement but no compensation

The Chinese brand will not be satisfied with a simple word of apology. Xiaomi France has confirmed to us that, for customers feeling cheated or dissatisfied with the actual capabilities of their new TV, the manufacturer is committed to taking back the product and fully refunding the purchase.
On the other hand, it does not provide for any particular compensation in addition to this gesture. The compensation procedure should be communicated in the coming hours to the customers concerned.

Also to discover in video:

Also to discover in video:

As for the part dedicated to the Mi TV Q1 on the Xiaomi site, it should be updated very quickly.


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