There is a possibility of loss of 4700 crores to the sporting goods market in the country, the situation is expected to improve in March next year.

Jodhpur. The country’s sports market has been badly affected by Coronavirus. In summer there were summer camps and other sports activities. They also did not start due to the lockdown.

According to experts associated with the business and market of sports, the sports goods industry in the country is worth Rs 4700 crore. There is a possibility of a loss of In addition to goods sold in the country, exportable goods also have a share.

Jalandhar constitutes 70% of the sports goods of the entire country. Experts are saying that the condition of the industry will improve in March itself. Kuldeep Singh, the owner of Hind Sports of Meerut, says,

“There were going to be many big sports events including the Olympics this year. The market was also fully ready so demand was high. But the lockdown created a crisis. It will take a full year to recover from it. ‘

60% of the country’s sporting goods is exported

According to Indian Sports Goods Manufacturers, 60% of sports goods manufactured in the country are exported. The share of goods exported from Meerut is 45%. In April, Meerut companies have incurred a loss of 200 crores.

50 lakh laborers in Meerut-Jalandhar alone

There are more than 4 thousand companies in Jalandhar and Meerut. These industries manufacture a total of 319 sports goods. About 50 lakh laborers and artisans work here. They get 300-400 rupees a day wages.

State-wise loss

state How much loss (in rupees)
Maharashtra 200 million
Rajasthan 150 crores
Madhya Pradesh 150 crores
Punjab 100 crores
Gujarat 100 crores
Uttar Pradesh 60 crores
P. Bengal 50 crores
Chhattisgarh 40 crores

2 thousand crore cricket market wicket fell

This year, cricket goods were going to be consumed a lot because apart from IPL, T20 World Cup was also to be held. But there is a crisis in their organization. In such a situation, the market for cricket is estimated to have a loss of two thousand crores. In this too, sports equipment of 1300 crores of cricket goods companies was going to be exported.

These goods were built and lying in the warehouses

Luggage Number
The bat 3.5 Lakh
The ball 2.7 lakh
The wicket 80 thousand
The pads 90 thousand
Gloves 1 Lac
Helmet 1.25 Lakh
Kit 2 lakhs

1500 crores to other sports markets. Loss of

There is a possibility of 1500 crore drowning of businessmen who manufacture goods like football, badminton, chess, hockey, tennis, athletics, volleyball, fencing, etc. The goods of these sports are also filled in warehouses due to non-export. Sportswear companies have also lost Rs 500 crore.

Big loss to the market of these games

sport Loss (in crores)
Cricket 2000
Football 1200
Tennis 500
Basketball 300
Boxing and fencing 200
Sports wear 500

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