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26/11 Mumbai terror attack anniversary today, Indian-Americans said- ‘We need justice’

People of Indian-American origin gathered outside Capitol Hill in the US today and paid tribute to those killed in the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack. People holding anti-Pakistan banners raised the slogan ‘We want justice’. People gathered to pay homage said that even after 12 years, Pakistan has not taken any action against the culprits even today. Instead, the guilty are still roaming free in Pakistan.

Community activist Krishna Reddy said, “We have come here on the anniversary of 2611 when terrorists from Pakistan entered Mumbai and killed innocent people, including 6 Americans. The terrorists saw the passports of the Americans and killed them.” The US intelligence is aware that this happened and it was being directly controlled by Pakistan’s intelligence. “

Another activist, Mahindra Sapa, said, “We have gathered to remind the US government that this brutal terrorist incident has completed 12 years, we have gathered in the hope that the new administration will bring us justice Will take possible steps. ”

Krishna said, “I would like to appeal to the administration not to provide any financial assistance to Pakistan and Afghanistan unless Pakistan takes strict action against these culprits and the victims get justice.”

Earlier, this group of Indian Americans sponsored a digital mobile billboard truck, on which we wrote, We demand justice. It was seen outside the Pakistani and Turkish embassy. Along with the Indian government, the US Department of Justice has also registered a case against the culprits. However, Pakistan continues to defer citing lack of evidence in taking action against the culprits.
The American Indian community paid tribute to the 166 people killed in the Mumbai attack, including 6 Americans. Peacefully, this Sabah included people from Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC.


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