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2021 Maruti Celerio to be introduced with extra cabin features !! Test run again

We all know very well that Maruti Suzuki is involved in the production of Celerio’s next-generation car. Thus 2021 Celerio has been involved in continuous test runs for the past few months.

The test drive of this Maruti car, which is currently being re-launched in this category, has been posted on the YouTube channel 91 Wheels. In this video, you can see what the car will look like with the covers.

The front of this 2021 Celerio test car is slightly modified, slightly larger in size than the current Celerio car. With a sleek front grille, the test car has an air dam below the number plate.

Halogen headlights are also provided along the side of the car. Indicator lights are mounted on the fenders. In the absence of alloy wheels, this test car may be the early stage LXI model of the 2021 Celerio.

All doors, including the tailgate, will receive liftback door handles. The new Celerio also comes with adjustable rearview mirrors. However, the rear of the car is mostly identical to the current model.

However, the design of the rear bumper has been modified. Reflectors will be provided at both ends of this new bumper. Expect a stoplight at the height of the rear window of the car.

With these latest test drive spy pictures, we can see that the 2021 Celerio is coming out with a completely new interior. Updates to the interior of the car include a new center console with two cup holders and center-fitted front windows switches.

The center console also has a 12-volt power socket in these spy pictures. No change in the instrument cluster. The 2021 Maruti Celerio will be powered by a 1.0-liter K10B engine that produces a maximum of 67 bhp and 90 Nm of torque.

The engine will be offered in 5-speed manual and 5-speed AMD gearbox options for purchase by customers. The 2021 version of the Celerio, which will soon be available in CNG variants with the new generation, is likely to be priced at Rs 4.5 lakh.

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