Home World President of this country took selfie without mask, had to pay fine of 2.5 lakh rupees

President of this country took selfie without mask, had to pay fine of 2.5 lakh rupees

President of this country took selfie without mask, had to pay fine of 2.5 lakh rupees


  • Chilean President imposed heavy penalty for taking selfie without mask
  • President Pienra took selfie with a woman without a mask
  • Not wearing masks in Chile is a punishable offense, strict punishment and penalty provision

The global epidemic corona virus continues to wreak havoc. To tackle this dangerous virus, most countries have made it mandatory to wear masks and follow social distancing. Meanwhile, the president of a South American country has been overshadowed by taking a selfie without a mask in public place. He has to pay a fine of around Rs 2.5 lakh for this work.

Selfie was taken without a mask with a woman
According to the BBC report, Chilean President Sebastian Pienra took a selfie with a woman without a facemask. He was fined $ 3500 (Rs 257624) for breaking the Corona virus rules when the picture went viral. Later President Pienra also publicly apologized for taking this picture.

President accepts his mistake
The President of Chile admitted that he had broken the corona virus rules. He said that while walking around the beach near his house in Cacagua, a woman requested to take a picture, he should have worn a facemask. In Chile, there are strict rules about wearing masks in public. Not wearing a face mask is a punishable offense in Chile.

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Not wearing a mask in Chile is a punishable offense
The Chilean law provides for the imposition of heavy fines on those who break this rule, as well as sending them to jail. The incidence of corona virus infection is increasing rapidly in Chile. Chile has the highest number of corona virus cases in the entire South America continent (Latin America). So far, Chile has recorded 581,135 infections and 16,051 deaths, according to the Tally of Johns Hopkins University in the US.

Chilean President has been in controversies over photographs before too
The President of Chile has also been a victim of public anger over his photographs earlier. Last year, he had a pizza party with protesters protesting against inequality in the capital Santiago. Even after its pictures went viral, they had to face the anger of the people. Then in April this year, before the imposition of the Corona virus ban, the President once again got angry by taking photographs in the plaza which was the center of anti-government protests.

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